Frog, chemical, water, you

Frog, Chemical, Water, You was directed by Jen Grace (Montana State University) in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute.  A short film focused on amphibian declines and the potential anthropogenic factors that cause them, Frog, Chemical, Water, You is used to educate the general public, and has been viewed by a multitude of persons at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park where it has been on display within the reptile discovery center. The field and laboratory research of the Relyea lab was featured in this short film. 

A day at the hatchery (Linesville, PA)

While at the University of Pittsburgh, I assisted the University of Pittsburgh’s Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology outreach staff with an educational exhibit to educate the general public about local wildlife and their habitats. The event draws approximately 7,000 persons annually. Our exhibit commonly contained numerous egg masses and tadpoles of regional spring-breeding amphibian species, aquatic invertebrates (e.g., dragonfly larve, crayfish, amphipods, zooplankton, and snails), and audible amphibian mating calls.  These helped to excite the general public about our research, and are used to help to convey important conservation messages to the public that we have found in our research. 

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